"a 16-year-old who is obviously interested in girls" 

yeah, as Harry would say something like this. x


when harry can’t chill



why so married

❝ Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. ❞

— Paulo Coelho  (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)


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Anonimo asked:
since its liam's birthday... 10 favourite things about liam ??? :D

zayncangetsome answered:

OK SO obviously i’m a zayn girl so zayn is the member i feel that i understand the most because i pay attention to him the most etc etc etc. BUT i will give this a go !! this is just how i view him personally tho so pls don’t attack me if you don’t agree. i feel nervous posting this LMAO 

  1. liam is so real with us and i know a lot of people find it annoying or attention seeking or WHATEVER but fuck that ??? i love that side of him. the side that tweets his emotions and doubts and insecurities like it doesn’t matter that millions of people are following him or that he’s FAMOUS or what-the-fuck-ever. i find it extremely ridiculous that people hate him because he acts like a normal fucking person, uses social media like so many of us do ??? i’ve drunk tweeted sad stupid shit a lot and i know so many people that do it as well, that tweet about their insecurities and whatnot. but since liam is famous he shouldn’t be allowed to ?? ummm ?? ok. and if he’s mad about something he’ll let us know (for example: ringing the hotel or coming to his house etc). he loves us and appreciates us but he doesn’t let the fandom walk over him either. he’s gonna let us know if something bothers him. AS HE SHOULD !!! he’s just real with us. i love it.
  2. his singing voice like what the fuck i don’t even need to say anything more on this subject 
  3. his DRIVE. the fact that he came back to x factor, that he didn’t give up his dream after being cut the first time. that he genuinely cares about what he’s doing and loves it with every fiber of his being. that he will do what needs to be done. people have complimented him on how hard of a worker he is, how dedicated he is and it shows. 
  4. you just KNOW he’s a good boyfriend. he seems very dedicated to the person he’s with and very protective over them. 
  5. his talking voice !!!!!!!!! something about the way liam speaks really gets to me ??? he always seems earnest and like he’s trying to be as informative as possible. he fully answers questions and imo he takes the lead in a lot of interviews. 
  6. his bed selfies
  7. how he has come out of his shell SO MUCH since one direction was formed. how he used to be ~daddy direction~ and now he’s totally on the same level as everyone else LOL and watching that transformation happen was beautiful. YET he is still very LIAM: especially with his insecurities and whatnot. he’s still the kid whose birthday party nobody attended, he’s still the kid that got bullied in school. but he’s come so so far from that and it’s beautiful. he’s really grown.
  8. the fact that he started boxing because he was bullied. LIAM TAKES ACTION !! this goes along with #3 but i cannot stress it enough. liam isn’t gonna sit by and let people talk shit. he isn’t gonna let assholes get away with anything. he’s very defensive and while ppl may find this annoying about him (which frustrates me to no end) IT’S UNDERSTANDABLE AS TO WHY HE IS !!  it wouldn’t make sense any other way imo !! it’s such a big part of who he is. 
  9. how much of a doofus he is. he’s so SILLY !! he says dumb things a lot and sometimes i facepalm but i’m just so endeared by it. he’s so charming and goofy and squishy and i just wanna kiss his face. but don’t you dare call him STUPID or i will SMACK YOU. liam payne is not STUPID. i think liam is a lot smarter than people give him credit for tbh ~~~~
  10. his lips his birthmark his VARIOUS HAIRSTYLES (i love them ALL) his squishy love pillow tummy and his abs i love BOTH OF THEM !! his crinkly eyes when he laughs HIS LAUGH IN GENERAL and his big trashcan lid hands and his back and his legs and FUKin hell i love liam payne physically a lot a lot a lot i was gonna try to say all 10 without talkin about him physically but i can’t help it i have to so i did the end


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hanna marin in season 5a

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone | Iconic Lines
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i don’t think anyone hates pretty little liars more than the pretty little liars fandom.

Nick Jonas dancing to “Shake It Off” [x]

Nick Jonas dancing to “Shake It Off” [x]

Happy Birthday Lea Michele Sarfati (August 29th, 1986)